Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Kami Dear!

On October 2nd, a small handful of years ago, the greatest girl I know was born.

She is my best friend, and I miss her painfully.  She is having a baby boy next month and I so wish I could be there to love on her and that baby.  She's been with me through thick and thin, seen mean and bad sides of me, and is the kindest most loving friend ever.  She is so understanding, and I am so grateful that I found her!

Some pics of us and her through the years... an overload of pictures

(Don't worry Kami, I'm leaving out the ones from our bathtub drinking/cosmo/bubble bath nights.  and the hot tubs...)

the first weeks of our friendship... stealing toilet paper from DT for our apartment. yeah. you heard me. 

She's always willing to try new things, even if she doesn't really want to. And even if your face gets stained.

She is supportive of missionary work.

She is a party animal! (remember when we had the same pj pants?)

She came to see me in Texas! and loves playground equipment.

She is VERY flexible. She should have been a ballerina.

She is my shining light.

She loves twister... Especially the moveable kind.

And shiny lipgloss...

She took me all over Seattle...

She loves fancy restaurant bathrooms that have mouthwash...

And wheatgrass shots!

This was when we were reunited after the first time she left me (to go do an internship at Disney for a semester)

She loves visiting Austin

She is willing to help wherever needed!

She loves cows. And names everything Howie.

I cried the day she got married.

No really, it was traumatic for me.

I just really didn't want to let go.

But she accidentally tossed me the bouquet so I wouldn't be lonely long

She is very artistic.

She loves to climb things, even mountains...

And she believes that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

She's got a little gangsta in her...

She's the greatest friend ever!

She is spontaneous and fun, especially in supermarkets!

She is the best person to get 64 oz cokes with and watch movies with flavor popcorn. Every night of sophomore year. on our 13-inch tv.

She likes to try new things.

She is glamorous.

She likes to take spontaneous roadtrips to boring places like Wendover.

She is always really really excited!

She is just so pretty.

There is a picture overload of a lifetime.  Kami, I hope your birthday is so wonderful, I can't wait to take you out to celebrate next week!  Thanks for being born and finding me, you are more of a friend than I deserve!


Tara:Damon said...

kami, I hope you realize how much Tara loves you because I don't even have that many pictures on the blog

Charity said...

Loved this! I think I need a BFF like you Tara. That was the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time.

i see you too...