Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little Utah wedding

This last week, we flew to Utah (into Provo! AWESOME!!!) for Tyler (Damon's little bro) and Jill's wedding. It was so nice to go back to Provo, eat at all our old haunts, hang out with Kristi and see Jenn and Kami, and spend some good time with the Demars clan (they just keep growing!). I even got to meet my sister-in-law, Sara, whom I hadn't met yet (at our wedding, only Damon's siblings and one of their spouses were able to come), and her youngest baby, Hayes.

It was the first time that the Demars' were all in the temple together- parents, children, and their children's spouses. (and even one of our 45 nieces and nephews- she is leaving on a mission next month!) It was so wonderful to be together in the temple, to witness such a beautiful sealing, and to take a bajillion pictures.

Ellis, all dressed up in his cardi, ready for a matrimonial party!

 Sean and Damon switch kids, waiting for Tyler and Jill to come out of the temple

Damon gets SOMEBODY to sleep...

This one, on the other hand, takes no naps the ENTIRE day...

Luckily he stayed pretty much this happy, till about 7:45 at night.

The new husband and wife!

 Isn't her dress so pretty?

Aren't those flowers so pretty? They think so too...

Ellis and his grampy Ted.  They actually look a ton alike.

Levi, handin' out his business cards... And Janelle in her sassy pencil skirt

Oh boy...

The Demars family, including 6 of the grandchildren (Eden, Hilary, Taylor, Finley, Hayes, Ellis).

Damon and his siblings and parents

Linda, Ellis, Joe

This is Ellis slobbering all over Joe's face.

Jenna and James

Brand and Sharee and Finnley. Finley. I can never remember how many n's

Heidi and Rick

me and mine

The much anticipated Demars family wedding songs...

Ellis was basically the star of the show... as usual.

The Demars Family, before the reception (I stole this from my SIL Heather, thanks Heather!), I'm pretty sure the email said we could wear navy or cream... But I either was the only one who felt like cream, or I misread the email...

Trying on hats at BYU, I think I'll get him this for Christmas. maybe his head will be a little bigger.

Kristi's child, Rooster. Ellis loved this cat. I think I've never seen a more smashed face.


JenniferKaryn said...

I loved all your pictures. that cat is awesome!! Also I think your cream top went really well in the picture. It was so fun seeing you guys!!

Brad and Sharee Moss said...

Love it!!! Such a great weekend. BTW...what's wrong with that cat :)

Mandy and Paul said...

That cat looks dead. Ellis looks adorable, as usual. I can't get over his red hair.

i see you too...