Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fall wishlist...

oh, how i love shopping online (you know, without actually buying stuff...), I have such a huge list in this little noggin... it's fun to dream.  Ellis is at the bottom of the post, but I know you really want to see all the clothes I'm in love with.

@Zara... why isn't there one anywhere near me??? at least let me shop online!!

yup. bell bottoms. @Zara


Lace @Zara




dreamy... @JCrew

@JCrew... it's time. time to own a pencil skirt.

both @JCrew

aaaahhh, the new pair of hudson baby boots I'm gonna buy when (when!?!?!?!) I finally get back to my wedding weight.  yeah, super pricey, but if I could pay $170 to instantly lose another 20 pounds, I'd for sure do that.  Actually I'd pay twice that. So maybe I should get 2 new pairs of jeans. Right Damon? 

oh, you came here to see Ellis?

 His Iowa pride shirt!

big ol' bottle of prune juice.  he's having a rough couple of days...


Damon Demars said...

If you get back to your wedding weight I'll let you buy whatever jeans you want. I think you are beautiful now!

Helena said...

It IS time to own a pencil skirt. Tara, it's like you are reading my mind.

(especially about the wedding-weight part. But I would pay $200 for that instant weight loss. So I guess I want it more...)

i see you too...