Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the thing about blogs

is that they have to be changed.
all the time.
not even just new posts. but you have to change
the colors, cause you get tired of the same ones.
the background, because cherry blossoms aren't even the right season anymore.
headers, because maybe your title is cliche, overdone, stupid.
and when is the right time to switch to "our family blog" "the demars 2" "demars and venus" or something even more clever...?

also, i want one of those gorgeous collage -y blog headers like Nie Nie or CJane... but they like, cost moneys. which is great when a billion people read your blog and you have ads and all that jazz that makes you moneys to buy gorgeous blog headers that cost $50+.... but for me... i just want one. soooo

tonight i am working nightwatch. perhaps some of those 8 hours will be spent playing on photoshop. designing my own. trying to remember how exactly to format it to fit up there.

we'll see. cause i need something more me. more me and fall and crisp air and diy and lovey and trying hard.

photo by {meishphotographyDOTcom}
i don't care if anyone sees it before the announcements, i love this picture.
(dear meish-elle... i apologize that 800 of the 847 shots you took of us were either one or both of us making a dumb face, talking, looking mean, being ridiculous, etc. trust me, the sheer delight of this wedding planning being over will make our actual day pictures much MUCH better. like... all lovey-dovey and smiley. hopefully. us photographers, we don't know how to be in front of the camera)

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Byron and Tara said...

Seriously I LOVE the picture...Looks like you picked the perfect photog!!!

i see you too...