Tuesday, September 15, 2009


ha. i like that title. acronyms are funny. unless people use them for real. then they are annoying. lol. 


so i was at target a couple of weeks ago and i was on the phone with my mom and in the middle of talking i stumbled upon these and couldn't even make words anymore. 

you know why i couldn't? cause i've been lusting after Frye's pair 
for at least the last 3 years, but somehow never managed to dish out the $$$ for them though since then i've bought plenty of jeans with heftier price tags... you got me there. 

anyways, when i saw the pair at target, for less than a quarter of the price of the Frye's, i immediately started dreaming about the day when i wouldn't feel too guilty to buy them. so when you see me eventually waltzing around in these little girls, enjoying fall in provo (best time of year- football, leaves, the alpine loop, the smell of cinnamon, candles...), you can rest assured that they are the target ones, and you can think of how thrifty i am.  

in other not so materialistic news, we just got back from Texas late last night, where we spent 4-ish food-filled days hanging out with my family and cursing the rain that the area never gets except for the one weekend i bring my fiance home to meet my family. then it rains. a lot.  we didn't actually take many pictures... but i'll look at the camera and see what's there and try to put them up here. 

and we're taking our engagement pictures tomorrow, so hopefully i'll have some of those pretty soon to show too!

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