Monday, October 5, 2009


finally some pictures of our apartment! now, everything in here at the moment is my crap. and it's mostly NOT unpacked... but hopefully next month it will be much better when we have some decorations or more furniture... for now, we've got a great couch and our sentsy. pantry...? coat closet? extra bedroom?
our master closet = my master closet.
our (tara's) messy bedroom
2nd bedroom (damon's closet- with my stuff in it.)

living room



JenniferKaryn said...

totally cute! i love the dresser also :) and your awesome new couches! I need to come see it soon!

michelle kynaston said...

oooh...moving into your first apartment (together) is so fun! Yipeee. What a cute place!

i see you too...