Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So, as most people know, Damon got his first acceptance to a med school- Midwestern, in Glendale Arizona! I'm so proud of him, and so excited to have the first option on the table. Cause it is nice to have an idea of somewhere we'll possibly living for the 4 years after we leave dear old Provo.

Right away, I started looking up real important things about our possible future home.

No, not housing costs, job opportunities, church wards, or any of that stuff!

But this:
(only minutes away spa, fashion place, AND rack!)

and this:

just right over in mesa

and a cupcake place i've heard great things about:

seriously- banana? ginger lemon? mmmmm...


(well, not the mayor of provo- but Catherine! maybe even in a helmet!)

not to mention NO WINTER and endless sunshine and pools (pools are to arizona as trampolines are to ____ ), AND... monsoons! sounds great to me!

we'll see what other offers come in, but Arizona is sounding pretty good to me....


JenniferKaryn said...

i'm jealous. i think i'd love Arizona!

Catherine said...

not gonna lie...reason #3 is the best one of all! I will wear a helmet and parade around town. ha. or not. but it would be amazazing still.

this is a good one:

i "fulple" you.

that almost sounds dirty. hehe.

Catherine said...

um...wait...maybe i was reason #4...cupcakes are good...but me..I'm better:)

this one is "berphid"...that sounds like something you do after eating aunt phelma's casserole. idk.

i see you too...