Thursday, December 11, 2008

things have been crazy, trying to decide on a place to move, figuring out school or career possibilities (oh, how i'd love to work for a photographer), getting ready to drive home for a couple of days... it's all been keeping me busy and things feel chaotic, but it's the good kind of mayhem. i'm ready for some change in my life. my bishop agreed that those things are positive changes i need to make right now, and if eel good about my decisions lately even though some of them have been hard.

hanging out with cam late at night when we are both goofy and unproductive sometimes brings decisions that don't look so smart in morning light. like spending 2 hours wandering around walmart and leaving with 23 goldfish. yeah. 23 damn goldfish. what started out as cam getting 3 'bitches for Fivius' turned into the walmart guy getting a little net happy. the tank was full of those little goldfish and he just scooped up a netfull and according to cameron 'it didn't look like he had that many in there!'... so that's how i acquired 11 more fish. what the hell. bev's tank isn't big enough and so they are sitting in a bowl in my room on the floor. all i really ever wanted was a black goldfish like that one down there... that i killed that same day. when kami and i bough best friend goldfish 2 years ago when she had to move up to logan and we missed each other too much. mine died that day. she dumped hers into the canal a semester later.

i absolutely can't wait to drive home next week. the franke family christmas party is seriously the highlight of my christmas season, maybe my whole year. my godfather always passes out. my cousins are crazy and great and all so different from each other. there's mass drinking and the loudest white elephant game you'll ever know. lacy thongs and bottles of vodka and hunting knives and garden ridge reject crafts. it doesn't get any better...
free groping (it may come from your married step-cousin, maybe your niece...)
mom, aunts, cousins, alcohol

the flask i stole from my Opa during white elephant

'stress relievers'

rodent gifts

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