Wednesday, December 3, 2008

oh yeah, i got a fish. another one...those of you who really know me know i don't keep fish alive, no matter how hard i try. i think i'm just trying to satiate my intense desires for a puppy. that and cameron and i made a bet that whoever's fish lives longest gets sushi... yum, huh? ironic? yes... (is it ironic? Read Rich's April 10th entry and tell me. Dear Rich, I miss you. i need you to tell me what to do with my life again, cause i remember all the ways you reassured me over the years, but they don't sound the same coming from just me)

anywho... we'll see how this goes. i hate the fish. she sits at the bottom of the tank and doesn't move. she hates me back.

i'm off

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Anonymous said...

If goldfish only have a 3 second memory, then how could your fish possibly remember that it hates you? I mean unless it's repeating a mantra of "I Hate Tara" @ 1 second intervals, therefore never really expending the limit of a 3 second memory?

i see you too...