Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i'm tired but i can't force myself to go to bed. i have so much stuff to do and i don't want to do any of it. i just want to enjoy this winter weather and my days off. i want to be under a blanket watching Elf with hot chocolate and another person. and i want to drive through the snow with the windows down to hear how quiet the white blanket makes things seem. and i want to sit outside the christmas light house that dances to carols. i want to take good pictures this week cause last week was an artistic slump.

things i need to do instead:
-take that sleeping bag and air mattress back to nicole
-edit pictures edit pictures edit pictures
-give edited pictures to whom they belong
-clean my apartment cause it smells. i hate when the apartment smells.
-finish that damn dresser
-go through my 2 closets full of clothes and get rid of it all
-go to the gym and get not fat
-take my car in to get serviced. haha. serviced.
-christmas shop (shoot me now)
-dr appointments and court runs with girls at work

but anywho, i'm super excited to go take pictures at the orchard at the state hospital... covered in snow? so perfect. i need a model. i wish i had a 4 year old that i could dress in bright winter clothes. i am happy about this cold weather cause it means the lake is gonna freeze over soon. and that rocks.

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Cam said...

I am attaching myself to these plans and we will accomplish loads today!

As for teh 4 y/o, we should dress that guy who wants to shoot with me up like a 4 y/o!
Haha, yes!

i see you too...