Tuesday, October 14, 2008

oh yeah, here's some pictures... kristi and i went driving around (best pastime ever- better now that gas prices are down to about $3.27 a gallon) with our cokes (a vanilla dr. pepper and an actual coke, for y'all that aren't from the south, and don't understand that every carbonated beverage is a coke, even if it's actually an orange crush...) and a bunch of ring pops (yum!). we found an abandoned house that wasn't abandoned, and farms and farm buildings that really were abandoned, and lots and lots of cows.

and the other night preston came over and we watched youtube. and the office. and we played with the guitar. annnndddd we got angry at the cat when his sharp little nails clawed us.

and yesterday cam and i went to salt lake again... we drove around a lot. we went to an amazing discount market thing. we drove around some more. we ate mexican food (duh). we went to a skate park where i met my next boyfriend (see red bike boy. he was hot. he was 15. i wished i was in high school again) and our hands froze and one punk sissy boy complained some loud enough for us to hear but not loud enough to be like a man.

and driving home afterwards i took a picture of the moon going 80 on the freeway.

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