Monday, October 27, 2008

carving pumpkins...

at botanical gardens

downtown austin

other lazy stuff i'm doing today:::

I have... about 20 things i want to do on my days off and pretty much never get around to doing them
I fear... always being like this
I always... have my 5 pounds of camera and lenses in my purse with me
I feel... like i should be making more of a difference. bad. fine.
I hear... the new Ben Folds song, You Don't Know Me (it reminds me of the post i did a few weeks back about not actually knowing the people you know
I smell... change in the air... if i have the drive and self discipline to make it happen
I wish ... i was more athletic, loved running, didn't love crap food
I hate... blowdrying/straightening my wavy hair- and those stupid cowlicks!
I wonder... when i'm going to find the right person, when i'm gonna grow up.
I regret....not sticking with nursing at BYU... if i'd had my chem-major boyfriend help me with my homework instead of just searching for places far away from dt to make out, i probably would have passed that class and be making $70 grand a year right now fixing people.
I love.... driving... especially far and with nowhere in mind. with a dr. pepper. new songs for my ipod. eating out. watching movies. spooning. You.
I am... not running, i'm not hiding... if you dig a little deeper you will find me
I think... I'm paranoid.
I know... that it's a wonderful world, but i can't feel it right now
I want... a nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 ed af-s lens... to hold your hand
I always.... sleep on my side, with pillows all around me. obsess about and buy new shampoo/conditioner.. i have at least 5 different sets at all times.
I am not ... lost, just undiscovered
I am like... the person Jamie Cullum sings about in "twentysomething"...
I believe.... things happen for a reason, but that we have more influence over our destiny than we consider
I don't always... listen to my head.
I am happy that... i am healthy and have potential
I win... in eating contests against ryan nokes involving cupcakes (9-4)
I lose... things in my room. my keys. lens caps. my mind most days. handstand contests. usually when i talk big.
I never... ever tell people what i'm actually feeling... unless you're kami graves (h) ... then you probably know everything and too much. otherwise, chances are i'm lying to you.
I need... to get it together, to go to the gym, store. You back.
I listen... to lies knowingly and turn them into truths in my mind to satiate my own desires
I am scared of... having babies one day, especially since i've recently resolved to go drug free (after my awesome old roomate erin just did!)
I read... books over and over and over again. especially if they're by john steinbeck.

(confession: some of these answers are james morrison lyrics... and beatles lyrics... kieth urban lyrics... under the influence of giants lyrics, ben kweller lyrics... garbage lyrics)


Cam said...

Sound like a tough time, I feel you on some of those.
Hope it all looks up, and that you find"Your" person and discover happiness.

Tara said...

haha, is this goodbye cam? besides, i thought you were 'my' person ;)

Cam said...

No, just seems as though the person your were referencing is a long standing individual, when it comes to the reference of times gone by.

Tara said...

oh cam, when will you figure out that you're my dreamboat?

i see you too...