Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrifting for a girl

So one of my all-time most favorite hobbies is thrift shopping- goodwill (though man, I miss DI so bad, everything is so clean and nice and not smoke-smelling), salvation army, garage sales, etc.  Lately I have had the bug big time!
This weekend I had some big scores at both garage sales and goodwill.
It's amazing to me that someone will pay $20 for a book and then sell it for a quarter in a garage sale. Children's books are things I think I'll never be able to get rid of, I love collecting them for Ellis. This weekend knocked a few classics off my list, here are my finds:

*You Are Special- Hardcover (i have this in a mini size but wanted a big one)
*Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday (i LOVE the Alexander books- I'm still hoping to find Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, but I'd break down and pay full price for that one if I have to)
*Another Alexander book that I can't remember or make out the title in the pic
*Goodnight Moon
*Goodnight Goon (a creepy parody, it says)
*The Runaway Bunny
*Love You Forever
and, some other ones that I of course can't remember and they are in Ellis room but he is napping. Anyways, I looked at all the prices in the books and added them up to $95 worth- I paid $5 for all of them- awesome!

Then later that day I took some alone time while Ellis was napping and went to mosey around Goodwill. Not only did I find 3 awesome old granny shirts for me that I love, but I found some amazing things for the baby... IF the baby is a girl. If it's not, well then they may be gifted, or they may sit in my box of girl things I've been collecting for the last 2 years. 

*2 crochet blankets made by somebody's grandma (I'd like to think), I love mint green, and will probably steer that direction with nursery items- if it's a boy it may still be mint green, just with orange or something like that. I love these two blankets and paid under $2 for each
*A big lacy cream curtain, which I originally thought may be a table cloth but upon bringing it home, it's not- but that's even better, because it would go perfect in a nursery or redone into something new
*White gown with pink trim (made in USA)
*Pink knitted jumper (made in Italy, from Saks)
*Pink dress with flowers (made in USA)
all three undoubtable older, considering, when was the last time you found something made in USA or Italy, and not the Philippines or Taiwan

I always said I didn't like light pastel colors for girls, but I do love anything vintage looking, and especially anything without characters and bogus creatures printed on them. So I love all of these.

We'll find out tomorrow if these will be used on a baby girl, or if they'll be stored away for #3!


Jennifer Karyn said...

So exciting. Good job thrifting. I never have any luck. Can't wait to hear what you are having!

Andrea said...

Nice job on the children's books! New books are so fun. Now that Addie is older, we go to the library all the time and get lots of books to read. I love it! Congrats again on your soon-to-be baby. I can't wait to hear what kind of baby it will be!

Sara said...

Super impressed. I wish we could go thrifting together! love and MISS you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE thrifting!! And so happy that yard sailing season is here!! It's my favorite!!!!!!! And don't worry- I have 2 huge suitcases FULL of clothes for a little boy AND a little girl!!!! Never know which one you'll need eh? When u guys come to Utah or when we come meet u in Washington or Iowa- or even Texas we MUST go yard sailing together!!!!!! This is Mandee by the way. I don't have a blog and had no idea how to comment! Hahahahaha

i see you too...