Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hap Hap Happy Birthday!

Monday was Damon's birthday- the big 27!! Woah! That is kind of an adult year. When I was in middle school my favorite teacher was 27 (how did I even know that) and I thought wow, that is an interesting adult age- you are old, but young enough to still be cool. So I'm glad that Damon is at that age. and that I have a long way to go before I get there.

He is indeed the coolest 27 year old I know.

We had a pretty happening day. First. We celebrated mostly on Saturday because his real day was on a Monday- wah wuuuuhhhh... So. Back To Saturday. I can't remember now if Damon went to play basketball. So there's that issue. I do know that some day that we were celebrating his birthday, I made buttermilk pancakes (and didn't ruin pancakes for the first time ever!) and also buttermilk syrup which is the most classy and amazing thing ever and I don't know if I can eat Aunt J anymore. Then... I'm sure Damon had to go to school to study. I'm starting to think I have my pancake day and my celebrating day mixed up. And he came home at 5. No 4. Then our friend Michelle (who also had a birthday on Monday! But her spouse gave her a trip to New York City, so there's that, and Happy Birthday Michelle!) came over to watch Ellis scratch that we dropped Ellis off at her house to be watched and Damon and I went to the yummiest pizza place I've been to in forever. or Ever. Because I liked it better than The Pie (woah). It is called Felix and Oscar's and it is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza style and the crust is soooo good and flaky like a real pie and the sauce and also even the ranch dressing was soooo good. Mmmmm. I even let Damon take the leftovers for lunch yesterday cause it is his Birthday week after all.

This is really turning into something.

After pizza which took longer than expected we cut bowling from our agenda and instead went to a malt shop called Snookies. Which was also amazing and you should always support local businesses. Keep Des Moines Weird, I always say. Damon decided on a strawberry banana malt, which is a flavor I didn't think really existed in malt-ed-ness. But it did and it was good. So we picked up the little tyrant and went home and watched a movie. I think Captain America. It also could have been Crazy Stupid Love. Both were watched in one weekend, so who am I to remember.

Well. His real bday was on Monday, and so Ellis and I brought him a Razzbury Milkshake from the pharmacy by his school that was so good. And we gave him the gift of music via spotify. And then I made a lasagna and a strawberry lemon chiffon cake even. I think I even did the dishes, which was weird. Also we watched another movie I'm sure. This time Captain America.

Wow, what craziness!

Here are a very few pictures but not too many on account of for his birthday Damon decided to sell my Evo and pay $10 to get me a new Iphone. So I didn't really know how to use it well to document but there are a couple.

Ellis saying "welcome home from studying, dad!" Also note how few toys are all over the ground! I even cleaned!

Damon blowing out the matches, seeing as how we couldn't find the candles anywhere. Also my cake that turned into a mudslide.

Damon's gift to himself. That guy. "Happy Birthday Damon, you are going to be well fed. Love, Damon" What a sneak.

Happy Birthday to the best husband I could have ever asked for- he exceeded all expectations I had for myself (haha, wink, get it damon?)!

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Brandon said...

This is Michelle, by the way. That cake looks AMAZING!!!! I could really go for some of that right now. Glad Damon had a great day! Also, super glad you're going to have two little boys running around! So dang cute!

i see you too...