Monday, April 30, 2012

cute huh?

when ellis flew like an eagle off the bed the other day, damon decided he should have a popsicle to stop his little mouth from bleeding. on our bed. that was one part of it. the other was when damon took it away from him and he cried like woah for half an hour.

 little artist...

 King of the Playground- right after this he plunged face first down the slide.

 This dude loooooves the swings. We stayed in there till he was actually ready to leave- without throwing down a fight all the way to the car!

this is a regular thing: damon puts one of my long boot socks on ellis, and one of my gloves on ellis. why use baby socks?

Hey, mom, cool phone!

Let me have it.

What's your problem?! Why aren't you sharing?

We went down to the open house for the Kansas City Temple.. It was beautiful and crowded and windy. But fun to take Ellis in the temple (though he was pretty obnoxious the whole time) and also our tour guides were so nice.

Then we took a super flattering picture outside.

Ellis got some booties and a snickerdoodle to reward his bad behavior.

But then we went to one of the best restaurants ever, Carrabbas! It was sooooo good. And then Damon drove us the almost 3 hours home in a torrential downpour and we still survived. Blessings!

That's been our life the last few days, what a fun weekend!

Also this:
 The first time he did this, Damon thought he was having a seizure.  Good news though, he's just being funny. Really funny- like last night he did it and maybe I peed my pants a little. I think it's funnier in person though, cause you can't tell really how hard he is shaking here. Also, hear that bird in the background? I took a nap while Ellis did, on that couch there. And that bird was still chirping once ever second. IT. WAS. SO. ANNOYING. So glad when dark came tonight and he went away. 


Anna said...

Des does that same shaking thing. It is hilarious. How are you feeling? You guys look great!

Kelsi said...

Love all the photos of Ellis. That swing one is cute. It was fun letting Charli and Ellis swing together the other day. Loved that video to- he is so cute.

Cate said...

I think it is safe to say we have similar good taste! My little guy as the exact same pj and two of the same shirts as Ellis in the above post! Ha

So cute!

i see you too...