Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Timer

So, this is Damon. I get grief from Tara every day how I don't participate in OUR blog. I've been a slacker.  I'm not even sure what to say. I'll wing it.  Today was general conference. It was great. Yesterday I was able to go to Priesthood session while Tara was making the money for the fam. She's my little sugar mama. This last weekend, we took a flashback to the past. Rob and Anna, Annie, Kristi, and Morgan came over and dyed some easter eggs. I learned some new tricks. I never knew that if you color on an egg, the dye doesn't dye there. We tried some new "sparkle technique" that came with the box but it didn't work very well.  This is Tara imitating Jake's "what's the big idea" face.

Anna and Annie try to seem surprised by me taking the picture.

Tara is proud of her masterpiece.

This was our magnificent collection.

This was the ugly snow outside, but the flowers made up for it.
There, I have contributed.

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Lanie Ree said...

Whoa, my husband never even reads my blog. Nice job dude, you sound like a pro.

i see you too...