Friday, April 16, 2010

April 23rd

is the day my husband was born.

Therefore today is like kinda the start of his birthday week, right?  right.

some things about damon that i only noticed when we started living together (after we got married):

1. he whistles. all. the. time.  like from morning to night he'll whistle any little thing that comes into his head. songs or made-up-by-him strands. sometimes i have to call from another room "Damon can you switch songs!?"  cause he'll whistle the same 5 notes from a line of a song over. and over. and overoverover.  now i think it's funny cause i don't think he notices how much he does it.

2. he talks in his sleep. most people have experienced this if they've spent any time with him including an overnighter or a nap even. he talks EVERY time he sleeps. if he falls asleep in the middle of a conversation, he'll join in as if he didn't fall asleep. but don't be fooled. he still isn't awake when he says "yeah, i know right?".
     this morning my alarm went off at 5:50 a.m. i snoozed it for 10 minutes before i could actually start to snooze, this is what i heard:  "just cut off the fat, i can chew on that the whole day.  mmmmmmmmmmm!" and then 10 minutes later after i'd gotten up and was brushing my teeth in the bathroom:  "you'll see....  YOU'LLLLLL  SEEEEEEEEEE..." (imagine a sneaky creepy voice).  I while back i decided i have to start keeping a notepad by my bedside to start recording the things he says or does (including kicking me, sitting straight up in bed out of nowhere, pushing me off the bed, and once, when we were sharing a hotel room with anna, robbie, and anna's parents, i awoke feeling a cold rush of air on my face and look up to see damon sitting over me fanning my face.)

3.  he's addicted to scrabble. he plays on his iphone all the time. if you have an iphone or facebook, let him know cause he'd love to play you.

4.  he always does the dishes. not having a dishwasher is a trial, in my book. but damon never fails to do the dishes after i make dinner, or if there's any in the sink.  sometimes i'm a good wife and do them too. but 90% of the time, it's all him. our apartment in des moines has a dishwasher- damon's request.

there's 4 things for now. we'll have to continue this through the week of celebration.


Andrea said...

Wow, I can't get over how coherent he is while he is sleeping. I am told that I talk in my sleep too, but I'm pretty sure I'm not speaking in real sentences. Happy Birthday week, Damon!

JenniferKaryn said...

so cute, i laughed out loud when you told about him talking in his sleep. Jeff does the same thing and it's so funny, but yeah, I can't remember a lot of him. His favorite thing to do is elbow me in the nose I think. Yeah he did that two nights ago then proceeded to laugh in his sleep about it. LOVE.

Joes said...

Please make a comment about how he doesn't know how to whisper.
[and yes I know this is belated]

i see you too...