Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Damon decided that last night's  FHE activity that he wanted to golf.

and he wanted me to go.

so we decided that I would drive (and try to beat his DoodleJump record on the iPod touch - not iPhone, my bad) while he played. good compromise. I like driving golf carts, and it was such a nice day outside (70's!  finally!) so we went out to Sleepy Ridge in Orem.

holy cow the mosquitos out there! it was ridiculous. and also those electric carts don't quite pick up speed. also there's a sewage treatment center a few miles away and the smell can be less than pleasant at times.

but it was still pretty and Damon got to golf and i played DoodleJump for a long time. without beating his score.

Next Time.


Jean said...

beautiful picture!

Damon Demars said...

Best round of golf I've ever played.

Catherine said...

I LOVE doodle jump!!! what's his score? Also, I'm in Utah. I "uncoa" you. that sounds negative. so I "coa" you.

i see you too...