Tuesday, December 1, 2009

why i'm a bad blogger...

1. work. i'm starting to get back into the swing of going to my job. more than 0 or 8 hours a week. and it takes all i have to force myself to ask for hours.

2. dyson. samsung, sony, picture frames, kitchen-aid, christmas tree, pampered chef stone deep cranberry bakedish.  these are all wedding gifts or recent pretty purchases that have been filing my hands and thoughts. vacuuming 3 times a day just because. watering the tree so it never wants. arranging and rearranging the 23 pictures of my man and i that are scattered (or not so far from each other) around our home.

3. holidays. what to buy people. who to buy for. where to go and when. what to cook. our upcoming white elephant party... holdiays are a lot. especially for a newlywed.

4. husband

5. i haven't gotten my pictures back yet, but when i do, boy i tell you what.

i'm not doing very well, but i'll try much harder.

there's one at least. my bfs and my bf. compliments of sil heather's camera

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