Sunday, December 6, 2009

wedding photographs

**Our photography was done by Michelle at
She's amazing and so fun!!

We got our pictures from Michelle, some of these are on facebook but there are some others in here.  it's pretty looonnngg...

San Antonio temple, November 7th

It may have taken me an hour to get into this dress and ready...

we finally made it outside!

crazy friends and family...

maybe my favorite picture from the day:

some of the amazing fields on our drive back to the ranch after the temple- i'd had to unlace my dress cause i couldn't breath that great sitting in the car, so damon is holding my dress closed. haha. kristi and our photographer michelle probably saw me not so modest way to much that day.

out on the ranch...

damon writing his "non-vows"

driving down to our ring ceremony- the hummer was too dirty inside to take

my dad and me

loved that chandelier

the ring ceremony was down at a natural spring watering hole- one side was a big pond and the other was this waterfall/grotto

Bishop Mackay and his wife came all the way to texas to play at the ranch and go to the temple and do our ring ceremony, it meant so much to us.

my grandparents cake topper from forever- 56 years?- ago. i also wore my grandmother's wedding ring set (i wear it on my right hand) and my grandmother on my mom's side's pearl set

first dance


aaannnd, we're out!


Andrea said...

I am so glad we were able to be at your wedding. It was so gorgeous, and so you were you! Classy.

We love you! A & Z

Catherine said...

yay!!! Pics!!!! I LOOOVVVEEE it!!! I "ousaingl" you? try saying that 5x.

i see you too...