Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i need to work from home


because i need to be able to spend my day browsing etsy.com (go there RIGHT NOW! the link's at the side of my page and it will change your life if you aren't devoted already!!!)
looking at all the photographer blogs that i stalk religiously- Dustin Izatt, Sheena Jibson... Blue Lilly! Oh, Blue Lilly, how I love you.

I need to spend my days at a cozy little desk sitting on a green painted chair with a cute handmaid cushion on it, browsing how to make lampshades, or looking up more paula d. recipes... decorating my house all cute and fashioning my life after the ultimate homemaker, NieNie.

because what is work like for me right now? well I've been put in charge of the sick dorm. I'm sitting at the end of a hall with 9 rooms down it filled with 11 sick girls- 5 of which have been confirmed to have swine flu. the others are sure to follow, says the doc. awesome. I desperately needed hours, and so I have 2 shifts of this scheduled next week too. cause they expect many of the 100 or so girls in the school to get it too and rotate up through this newly christened 'sick dorm' in the next few weeks.


I hate airborne but I think i'll choke a few down. pray for me.

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