Monday, August 3, 2009

the thing about weddings.

anyone who says how much they looooooved planning a wedding or how easy and simple and quick it was...

they're lying.

it's fun (pretty dress! diamonds! i get a husband!!!)
until you start to have to hash out real details.
(what color vest? how are we gonna arrange shuttling people between the airport and the ranch, how much food do we need to stock the place with for the people who are traveling and staying the weekend? is it better to rent a car or fly to houston and do a cruise for the honeymoon? what shade of teal (more green teal than blue teal, please))

i just want to sit with damon for 3 months and then snap into being married.

(though trust me, it will be a great party, for those of you coming...)

until more details emerge (aka until my ring gets in and it's officially official), rest assured:
a huge ranch
chandelier and jars of candles and baby's breath

  amazing food made by sexiest chef Austin

dancing the night away

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