Friday, July 31, 2009

4 a.m.

on my 3rd nigt of nightwatch this week. it always seems like a good idea to sign up for lots of nightwatch so 'i can have the whole day and evening free!'.... doesn't quite turn out as blissful as hoped for. apparently you need to sleep sometime. I haven't really been. doing that. in my excitement for summer, wanting to hang out with jenn before she starts working again, the bliss of having kami a mere 20 miles away from M-F, and of course spending as much time as possible with damon, sleep becomes a low priority... until I crash, my body retaliates- I get nauseous, achy, grumpy, baggy-eyed, its not pretty.

I think I need a beach vacation... luckily that comes in one week.

things are a little crazy hectic on my front lately, but as soon as I'm awake at my computer again, i'll post some pics I got during an amazin (and so rare!) lightening storm we had here the other night. damon got way better pictures, but I got a couple I liked some.

in the meantime, did you know that the standard scrabble set has 100 game pieces? yeah. figure that one out...

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JenniferKaryn said...

i miss you. this is my last day of freedom and you are no where to be found!

i see you too...