Friday, August 21, 2009

i know i know...

i haven't blogged in foreeever! but i PROMISE

   (i had to write that in all caps so that i dedicate it unto myself.)

cause i have those pictures. cause tyler and chewy (hmm... Sherie? Cherie? i don't know how to spell damon's sis' name) were glamorous frantic photogs as he popped the question. 

and i'll even put up other pictures from spokane...

and the pretty wedding we shot (congrats Katie and Chris!) while we were there

oh, and the pictures from florida the week before..

yikes, it's been a busy few weeks... i can't wait for us to go home to texas next (september 11!) for nick's wedding. because 1 )we have realized how much fun vacations of any sort are- we don't have to say goodnight! we sleep in rooms right next to each other and eat breakfast together! it's sooo fun! and 2) franke family weddings/get togethers are the  and 3) i can't wait to show him my home and my family and all the good food places.  i love texas.

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