Thursday, July 16, 2009

guess who's back...

i got in after 9 tonight and promptly spent the next 3 hours with the boy i'd missed soso much. therefore i have not loaded pictures. because after soso went to bed sniffling his sad little nose (a cold, not swine)

i caught up with facebook.
which china had blocked over a week ago due to fighting  and secret combinations concerning Urumqi (pronounced "woo-loo-moo-chi", by the way).

i know, i know. priorities. tomorrow i will post pictures here and there and everywhere, and i'll try to call back all the peeps that tried to contact me and had no idea whither i'd gone or whence i'd return. that is, right after i get my paycheck. and deposit it. and do some grocery shopping. and do july-spring cleaning cause this crowded room is driving me nuts and i feel the need to downsize.

and make soup for soso.
then i will.

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