Thursday, June 5, 2008

wow, i post so much

i had a blog last year that i posted on a lot in the beginning and then it faded out, this one seems to be keeping my attention. probably because i'm not working a lot. that's annoying.

thanks to everyone who called or texted or facebooked (i'm making them verbs, ok?) yesterday, it was a great day... derek and sean took me to breakfast at kneaders- their endless french toast is to die for.... literally, it probably will give you a heart attack if you eat it too often. i did some shopping, and our 'no olive garden' dinner group met at Sammy's- a new burger/shake place here in provo. the place is seriously tiny- the space for customers to stand/sit/eat/order is about the size of a bedroom... and of course our group rolled in with about 40 people. very crowded, and it took over an hour to get my peaches and cream shake... that's ok though- it was amazing- they actually put a piece of homemade pie in the blender. i only took a few sips of it though cause as soon as they finally gave it to me, we had decided to leave to go 4 wheeling in jake's new rubicon (so sexy) and brett's super amazing rock-crawling toyota. we went up a mountain. i thought we might die (not really, the boys are great). it was wonderful. my sweet roomate and her fiance got a huge cake which was great- we still have tons of it so if anyone has a sugar craving, come on over.. and my other roomate got me flowers, so sweet...

(ok so this isn't jake- but it's the same jeep and i'm guessing this will be what the scene looks like in moab in 2 WEEKS!!!!)

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