Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seattle Grace

not. It has been fun and crazy here in the NW... and freezing cold. jeni had clark the night we flew in, around 11:30, he's so sweet! i've been staying at brandi and eric's with tara and the boys cause jeni ended up c-sectioning it, so she has to be in the hospital till tomorrow. it's been crazy here! 5 little kids, 4 adults, insanity. fun though. i've taken tons of pictures, i'm gonna try to post some on here but the internet is going in and out so i don't know how it's gonna go. these are all out of order!

happy Zion

Finn is a daredevil and pro skateboarder already...

Sully is the coolest person I know.

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Phoenix man

chalk fight! Phoenix and Sul

welcome to tempers. combine 5 kids and chaos is sure to ensue...

Jeni and the little bug

Zion... our little ray of sunshine when all the others are screaming! =)

Do a little dance!

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Margo Clift said...

I would love to have these pictures for my "Grandma" Brag Book!

i see you too...