Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Monday

Or goodbye, since it's almost 9 pm... We survived *barely at points* our first day of 4 weeks with Damon away in Fort Madison (about 3 hours away) and the three of us here in West Des Moines. It was rough at points. Lets just say that I'm unwinding right now with whatever is left in the costco bag of chocolate chips and Real Housewives of Orange County.

We had 4 disgusting diapers, 2 of which were blowouts, one on the carpet (oh yay, right before the landslord is coming to show the place) and one in the crib so everything had to be washed.

We had a somewhat decent library trip and I got ambitions thinking we would walk around the library pond since the weather today was amazing and things were going ok- well that lasted about 5 minutes before a major meltdown ensued. Over what, I'm not really sure, I couldn't tell. Took us a half hour to get back to the car that was 300 yards away.

2 hours of cleaning the apartment for 3 minutes of showings.

Ellis pushing, sitting on, throwing things at Hudson, lots of time out.

Oh and Ellis started climbing out of his crib AGAIN! He did this last week for the first time after his nap- the bed in there was only a foot away from his crib so he kinda just flopped onto it. So I moved the crib to the opposite wall away from everything, and today he decided to be brave. The first time he went ok and the second time he fell head first. What am I supposed to do? I am terrified that if he moves to a real bed he won't nap. Which might kill me dead. I was at least hoping to avoid it til we get to Texas next month.

But they're in bed now and that is great and they are so cute. Ellis loves to sing and sings songs a good hour after we put him to bed every night. His latest favorite is to sing peoples' names along to Twinkle Twinkle. If you are in our family we have sung your name from the rooftops!

And Hudson is seriously a doll. He is so smiley and he is into the funny shaking his head phase that Ellis went through too, I think he likes the feel of it, though it just gives me a headache. He also finally started eating real food- well, baby food and he'll chew on bagels and stuff... So it's a start.

I miss my man. We'll be seeing each other on weekends and more anyways. But nobody better come try any funny business over here, I've got a gun that I have absolutely no hesitation to use on any creep that comes around!

I hear Ellis climbing right now... dang it! TTYL!


Kami Huntsman said...

My favorite was when you wrote "kill me dead"

Hoping for a twinkle Twinkle shout out!

I hope you survive! You will of course

Barrett Family said...

I always realize how cute my kids are when they're sleeping :-)! Wish I could help you finish off those chocolate chips. Just finished a piece of cheesecake and a few handfuls of M&Ms. One of those days for me too, and my husband is even in the state. Good luck!!! And good luck to anyone who tries to mess with you while your husband is gone :-)!!! 2 WEEKS TO PARTY TIME!

Andrea said...

Oh the crib climbing....such a disaster. The only option besides transitioning to the toddler bed is the crib tent, which some people swear by. Good luck with that! Call if you need advice/someone to comiserate with.

I hope all goes well with Damon gone. It is hard to be alone! I can't wait till you are in Texas so we can hang out!

i see you too...