Friday, June 22, 2012

it's like, blah?

you know?
i just don't have anything to blog about. did i ever really? there's not all that much to say about life here in des moines right now. damon spends his days and nights studying (he's home and not studying for under 2 hours a day, from 6:15 to 8 when Ellis goes to bed), it's hot, ellis and i are bored.

we took a road trip to texas.
sorry these are all blurry, i've become a lazy phone picture taker.
ellis shopping at the children's museum. a great place, though i think he would have appreciated it a little more maybe a little older.
 playing with the dog, i wish i could get him a dog!
 spent a lot of time in sprinklers/pools. it was still 95 after 7 p.m. here, so this was the most we went outside.
 him, all but 2 of the days we were there. super fun.

ellis was pretty naughty the whole week and a half, i got a $200 inspection ticket, even though i'd driven my stupid car with no ac (which i got fixed in texas) down there in JUNE so i could get it inspected/ac fixed. don't they think i would have rather taken damon's breezy roomy car? well. they didn't care or drop the ticket. ellis and i shared a room the whole trip which meant a lot of sleepless nights and 1+ hour wake times in the middle of the night, horrible naps, and 2 very tired and annoyed Demars. so we came home early.

here at home? well... the house is a mess and i'm too tired to care. i assume i didn't fail my glucose test since my midwife hasn't called me back. i spend hours a day trolling craigslist and zillow *which by the way, is a crap website that steals information on foreclosures and labels them as rentals when they are NOT rentals*  trying to find us a new home with a little more space but still in the ward boundaries and something we can afford.

buying the veggie trays for youth conference wednesday morning... i was doing my test at 2 so i couldn't eat any pizza, brownies, pineapple lemonade or even measly salad! or even a cracker with strawberry jam on it!
i'm just ready for june 29th. when damon can take the COMLEX and be done. except then he has to keep studying for a week and a half to take USMLE on the 10th of July. cause we waited too long to sign up and so are giving up a week and a half of our almost month of summer.

i'm ready for summer to be over.
here's to hoping the next blog post will be funner and more exciting! i do love the 4th of july, it being my favorite holiday and all. though, really, the 4th of july is made for Provo, i have yet to find another place that does it such justice.


Sarah Demars said...

Can't wait for those tests to be over. . . . we remember those fun times! Good luck to Damon and the rest of the fam getting through these long days!

Jennifer Karyn said...

I agree abut the 4th. Just come to Provo and enjoy it with us.

Anna said...

Thank you for being you Tara and for blogging about feeling crappy. I love it! How are those cloth diapers treating you? Adding stress to your life or making you feel accomplished? Oh and p.s. Your phone pics are better than any of my pics and I'm glad you have a camera. Des threw ours in the manta ray tank at the aquarium on our vacation last week. Go figure :)I miss you guys.

Megan said...

Idaho Falls has the BEST 4th of July! I have found it to be better than Provo. Fun booths at the river, and AMAZING fireworks! You could always come to Idaho! :)

Barrett Family said...

Uhhh... I just got a speeding ticket! It's the worst. Especially when your income is ZERO. I LOVED your Debbie Downer clip. I needed that today. I was up four times last night cleaning up Kylee throw up. This single parenting stuff is a KILLER. Good luck to Damon!!! I miss you guys!

Bon Bon said...

whew. a hot summer full of the real life stuff. hope you have a great 4th of July celebration to put a little oomph back in your summer:-) xoxo

i see you too...