Saturday, June 9, 2012

As of Late

Ellis and I are enjoying some time in Texas hanging out with family and letting Damon get some real good studying in. But I realize my epic blogging comeback has fizzled and sputtered out, so I thought I'd take the time while the tyrant is down for a nap to post some stuff from our life the last week or so.

Ellis has been pretty bad at church lately. Maybe we don't bring enough toys. Maybe I need to actually make one of those 'quiet' books that other moms make their kids. Either way, Sacrament Meeting is really losing it's flavor with this kid around.

Soon as he's out in the halls though, he's happy as can be. He thinks he owns this place.

Floral is so in right now.

Don't you think I'm so fun mom???

The dreaded first haircut.

I miss that long mullet hair.

Picking mulberries outside our apartment- they made a really good pie!

This has been staring me down for a while. The dreaded test is on the 20th. One of the reasons I came down to Texas now was to eat all the good stuff before I potentially have to go on Atkins. I've heard of some doctors or whatever telling their patient 'just have a coke and a snickers bar before you come in', um, why can't my midwife do that? This orange stuff is so disgusting.

The other night we watched our favorite movie ever, Ghost Town. How did a movie so funny ever exist? Except, how we both fell asleep by 10, so we had to finish it the next day.
Bertram Pincus: Dr. Prashar - you're from a... scary country, right? 
Dr. Prashar: ...I'm from India...
Bertram Pincus: But, you're not... Christian, like us?
Dr. Prashar: ...I'm a Hindu...
Bertram Pincus: Yeah. So, um, how would you extract information from a hostile?
Dr. Prashar: Well... as a... Hindu person... I would just... ask him... politely... 

We ate at super fancy Lucca downtown, courtesy of Damon's longest drive in the golf tourney. It was soooo good and all fancy shmancy.

The cheese sample platter and the menu. Yum.

Ah, relaxin in my coordinating underthings.

This was before an epic freakoutmeltdown at Jason's Deli.

Dancing to Stevie Wonder in our craphole 'hotel' room in OKC.

Playing with my mom's chickens out back

My mom got me my favorite lotion for my birthday... MMMmmm.. I love this stuff, I could almost eat it.

Jake in the undies section at Target.

 Playing at the San Antonio Children's Museum...


Sara said...

i love and I love watching Elli grow up (via blog). Miss you.

Cate said...

I hear you! church is more exhausting then edifying with a toddler running around!! He is so cute though!

I feel weird for admitting this but I actually didn't mind that orange drink...I always thought it tasted like soda haah

i see you too...