Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're back!!!

Oh my gosh, dudes, internet is SOOOO fast when you pay for it from a good company!  We got quest and after waiting almost 2 WEEKS to be able to instal (they were backed up), here we are with some blazin' fast nets!!! It's amazing. Totally worth $30 a month.

Anyway, so here I am, back to all 4 of you readers! Mom- what's up???  Dad- How's it going homes?  Jenn- I get to see you in 3 weeks! Michelle- I get to see you tomorrow morning!

So, Ellis is being like the most awesome/exhausting baby ever lately.  He's so funny and laughs at the weirdest stuff (Black Eyed Peas songs) and also whine's like a coyote whenever I walk away from him (to cook, to clean something, to go to the bathroom...) so it's like, the polar oposites all in one little dude.

He is almost 7 months old- how the heck does that even make sense???  We took him for his 6 month appointment a couple weeks ago and I'd say, he is the best baby ever.  At 6 months he

weighed 16 pounds. I know, right?
was something like 26 inches long.
(90% for height, 19% for weight, wonder where he got that from...)

and that's about it... haha, he didn't sit up, crawl, anything... We are proud to say he now sits up now, for a minute or two before he topples over.  I'm totally fine with him not being mobile though, cause that is the day I will have to move cords, unpack, clean even more than I do now (srsly, I vacuum at least once a day), and chase him around.

And he loves eating.  Along with nursing, he eats squash and green beans and bananas, sweet potatoes and toast with apple butter, pasta with tomato sauce, chicken noodle soup, and today, her for real ate like more than a half a can of Wolfgang Puck Organic Garden Vegetable soup.  We are doing baby-led weaning (which actually isn't weaning at all, more like baby-led solids) which means that instead of pureed baby food,  I mostly give him pieces of food so he learns to chew instead of just swallow, and also so he controls the amount he eats, not me.  It is a messy endeavor but he is learning quickly and loves feeding himself.  I mix fruit baby foods with oatmeal for him for breakfast, but generally don't give him any other jar baby food.  Which is fine by me cause they are kinda a pain, I don't know how their veggies and fruits are grown (I stick to organic food for Ellis and am trying to switch Damon and I slowly too).  It works well for us, and I feel good about cooking Ellis' food myself or giving him more healthy prepared foods.

As far as Damon and I, well, Damon is busy, and I'm not so much.  Every day I wake up and start brainstorming ideas of what I can do to get out of the house.  Usually it's Target. (did ANYBODY get any good Missoni stuff???)  To look for this comforter:
No luck. The only Missoni stuff they still had were a few little girls' capes and a couple pairs of tights that I didn't like. Bummer.

Other than that exciting stuff, not too much is going on.  But friends, it's so good to be back!

Here's a little video for you!


JenniferKaryn said...

I'm so glad I got a shout out. I'm totally loyal to your blog. I can't wait to see you so soon!!

Barrett Family said...

I LOVE being one of your 4 :-)! I am your blog's biggest fan. Super good theory with feeding Ellis. I only wish Kylee was younger than Ellis so I could have learned from your wisdom and used it on my child. If you have any insight for 2-year-olds PLEASE share! I am kicking myself for not inviting my family over to your house last night for modern family :-). As soon as this RS dinner is over, I'm planning on doing a lot of relaxing in front of your cable :-)!

Joes said...

Make that 5 people following your blog...

i see you too...