Tuesday, September 13, 2011

weeks and weeks

It's been that long since I've really been a good little blogger... It's also how long we've been without internet... Also, our phones barely get reception in our new apartment (I'm usually on roaming in here) so even using our phones to tether is not working well.  Aaaaannnd, I bought internet from the Quest people, but apparently they are so overloaded that our install date isn't till the 20th!!! Even though we are installing it ourselves!! It is beyond ridiculous.  But just you wait... I got plenty of stuff coming!

Summer is fading away here.  Yesterday it got up to 90, but tomorrow, the high is only 58... My kind of weather!!! Fall is the most glorious beautiful spiritual season of all, and I can't wait for it!  The apple orchards are opening and the farmer's markets have so much good stuff.  I'm determined to find the best apple cider for my honey-pie and the best pumpkin for Ellis to paint for Halloween...

So I promise I'll be back, in just days, DAYS people!!

Until then, here's a little gem for you!

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Barrett Family said...

I LOVE the fall in Iowa! I have a SUPER fun fall activity for our families- Autumn Acres in Oskaloosa. So fun. You left the ward party 10 minutes too early tonight... you missed out on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It was a crowd favorite. Although at that point the crowd was 2 Elders, a couple husbands, Marye Larson and some primary kids. We could have used you :-)!

i see you too...