Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm princess.

Guys, guess what? I was featured over at Fun Cheap Or Free by the Queen herself!  I posted some of my baby tips from last week...  FCF is a great blog if you are looking for cost-cutting tips, coupons, recipes, etc etc etc!!!

Seriously, they list coups they find, and put them for us all to see and enjoy.  Last week they posted a coupon for Ulta - it was $5 off a $10 purchase. Well I like mascara from there (almost as much as the pricey clinique stuff, but I don't buy it cause it's still $10 a pop- I've started just using the grocery store stuff that's about $4 a tube) and I know sometimes it's on sale buy one get one free. Sure enough, it was, so I used the coupon I found on FCF and got 2 mascaras for $5!  Instead of $20.  At $2.50 each, they were even way cheaper than the cheap grocery store stuff!  Woohoo!

So go check the blog out, check out the list of retail coupons before you go shopping, or find a new recipe!



Kelly said...

I LOVE your dresser. I have an ugly dresser I've been dreaming of painting blue for my boys room. (Right now it's in my room.) After seeing yours and realizing it would look cuter than I had even imagined I think when we move I'm going to do it.

Jordan Page said...

Thanks for the post and the shout-out! We are so happy to have you featured on our site. Keep up the great work!

i see you too...