Monday, March 7, 2011

Very Serious Matters.

1. Happy Birthday!!!  It's my mom's birthday today and we wanted to give her a blog shout out!  She's off in Rome with her fiance- yeah, rough life huh?  We hope she's having an awesome time and are glad we got to spend the last week with her in Iowa and Texas!

2.  We are going home tomorrow!  So excited to be back in our place and with Damon and to get back to our little routine.

3.  Ellis is now sleeping 3 yes 3 hours at a time at night!!  Hallelujah! That means we are only using about 4 diapers a night instead of 8-ish.

4.  Sorry to all the friends I haven't called back- if I'm not feeding or changing or staring at Ellis, my brain is mushy and I don't remember to do anything.  I promise I want to talk to you though!  And I love you for calling!

Ok, we're out!

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JenniferKaryn said...

He's super adorable. Who do you think he looks more like?? When he's smiling I see a lot of Tara. But that straight face although it's adorable, I have no clue who it looks like. Can't wait to hold him :)

i see you too...