Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things I Miss...

Good ol' Deseret Industries (it's my Church's Goodwill).  Everything is clean (mostly members donate, so no smokers- plus!) and there are so many options, and I happen to think Mormon ladies dress pretty well.  I've been to the goodwill and the salvation army here, and both time I looked for about half a second through clothes before I was more than turned off.  I really really need some long shirts, cause leggings are quickly becoming my staple outfit piece.  I also want some tall brown flat boots.  You know, nothing specific, just something kinda perfect.  Cognac.  Almost to my knee.  Not many buckles or other deterrents.  That's all.  I saw a pair at Marshall's a few weeks back and didn't buy them. Still wondering why not...

I've been as dog hungry as baby hungry since we gave Milo to the family in Texas.  Worst. Mistake. Ever. I want him back so bad, sometimes I scan the Austin craigslist ads to see if he has shown up on the 'lost' posts or, heaven forbid, the 'needs a new home' posts.  Though we told them (and I've re and re told them through a few emails since July) that if they ever for any reason need to get rid of him, to call us and I'd drive down to Texas to get him.  Apparently they aren't giving him up though.
Also, I feel like a huge traitor that I look at other dogs.  If we get a new one, will I love it as much?  Will Milo know, from 1000 miles away, that I got another dog?  Oh, the angst. 

Utah. People and restaurants.  People more. (most days) the mountains (never thought I'd say that, but it's so much easier to orient yourself against a mountain than try to figure out what direction you are going).  On that note, the grid system.  I hate named streets.  I dream of the grids of Utah towns and cities.

The Temple.  I can't fit in my temple dress. We keep wanting to go out to Omaha and I really want to go in San Antonio over the break, but I'll have to figure out the dress situation.


JenniferKaryn said...

Utah misses you too.
Know what's funny, I have the same concerns about Fergie as you do your dog. I fear that the horrid man I gave him to ate him or something. Last week I accidentally ran over a cat and at first I was terrified and thought "what if that was Fergie?" Haha. Animals are the best.

Barrett Family said...

Does San Antonio rent dresses? I had to do that when I was pregnant. For some reason I thought I would never be too big for my empire waist dress... oh the delusions I had! The flowy rental dresses at the temple are awesome for pregnant bellies!

Tara : Damon said...

SA is too small and doesn't rent!! so sad! we may have to go to Dallas or Houson just to rent and do a session. bummer.

you hit a cat? that's disgusting. also one of my biggest fears. did you see if it was ok or did you just know it was dead? oh, this kills me.

i see you too...