Saturday, August 30, 2014

A nothing post on a Saturday

Once, maybe twice a week, Ellis decides he's not taking a nap. Oh I put him down with Hudson, at 1 o'clock, same time they've both been going down for the last nearly 2 years. But then half an hour later he starts pounding on the door,
  "MOM! Are you coming?"
  "NO! GO TO BED!"
This exchange takes place every 20 minutes for the next 3-4 hours. Cause I'm an awesome mom and I make him stay in his room longer if he doesn't sleep because, I just can't. So.

Residency is annoying this month. Damon is on call one weekend day every week so today is the day and it doesn't feel like Saturday. Except we're all "Hey, we'll go to Rita's tonight and pretend it's a regular weekend party night!" but really he doesn't get to leave til 6:30 (PS: It's now 7, no word from the doc) after his 12+ hour shift. So it's 5:11 and I haven't heard hudson banging on the floor from his closet nap room to signal his anger at still being up there (shoot, I just remembered that I put him down sans pants- no wonder he's happy being up there alone and quiet -PS yes I went in and found him naked from the waist down and so happy about it), so I figure I'll see how long I can push Ellis "quiet time".

Can we make it til 6:30?
If we go to Rita's right when Damon gets home can that be dinner or should I still feed them regular food? I mean, they ate lunch at the hospital cafeteria (yup, us poories get our kicks from dad's free on-call meals) sooo...

Good news is the library is practically empty on Saturday cause apparently people do funner things on the weekend and so my kids were able to bash away at the train table to waste away an hour and a half of this morning. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough!

pics the boys took while I 'cooked' them dinner of leftover spaghetti- yes, I decided to feed them something with at least tomato in it. Healthy meal? CHECK!


Jennifer Karyn said...

I love that you have revived your blog.

Kelsi said...

You crack me up! We would have played at the library with you if we were there!

Barrett Family said...

Tomato is vegetablish... I tell myself that all the time!

i see you too...