Friday, April 4, 2014


Spring in Texas means one glorious thing- Bluebonnets! The state's national flower starts blooming in the end of March when it starts getting warm and after a few good rain showers. They are in full glory right now and so anyone who grew up in Texas remembers- it's time to go take pictures! Every April we'd get dressed in our Easter outfits and go find a field (or more likely, since they like to grow on embankments, pull off the side of a busy highway) and plop down in the beautiful blue flowers in the glaring sun and take 1000 pictures.

Obviously it was a priority for this spring with the boys.

Damon found a good patch behind his doctor's office so we went out the other night- and the 'golden hour' gave us the best lighting for a couple good pics! Hudson was not in good form (he never is these days) but we managed!


Andrea said...

I LOVE these pictures! Especially the one of Hudson pointing and Ellis putting something on his head. Also the one of Hudson eating grass and Ellis trying to flick you. Haha your kids are so cute!

Barrett Family said...

Let's bring back blogging. I love these pictures! These are some of my favorite family pictures of you guys ever. Let's move to Texas. And blog from Texas. Miss you!

i see you too...