Sunday, July 14, 2013

The goings on and happenings

Or is it the going ons?

I don't know.

Thought I'd post a little update for the person and a half who still look at this blog every once in a while... I have been planning on posting more in Texas, but things have been so out of sorts here, it hasn't happened. I've taken lots of pictures though, so as soon as I start back up again I have lots of stuff to post about!

However, we are still not in our house, so I really don't know where my card reader is, and finding it or even sitting down to load and edit photos is so far down on the list right now, it's just not gonna happen!

But hopefully we will be in the house this week, I am so desperate to have a home again, to have all our stuff (remember how I only packed clothes and stuff for us for a week?) and to have my own kitchen again and ... just everything. It's been stressful, but we are hoping the final pieces will get done in the next few days. The boys have had a rough time with the whole thing- especially Ellis. Not having his normal schedule of naps, not having a crib, or his toys, or really being able to play outside much (too hot), or have his friends (he's been asking for them), just not having his own environment that he's used to, well, he's been acting out a lot and been a little difficult to handle. I'm definitely ready for that to settle down.

We have been busy besides trying to finish the house though, we went down to the coast last weekend for the 4th of July, with the whole big family. It was really fun and great to get away for a while.

Another exciting thing that happened to us- Damon got appendicitis this last week. He had surgery yesterday and is coming home from the hospital today. I'm so glad he finally went in (after 2 days of major pain- that I was pretty sure was gas, haha) and that nothing too bad happened with that. He feels much better and I will be glad to have him back with us- and I'll be super excited to milk him staying home from work as long as possible!

We area also starting to really get into researching residency options, there are so many fun places to consider! I'd love to move to Georgia for a few years, live in the deep south in a perfect town like Savannah or even up in Charlotte, or Charleston... Dreamy! Damon would more love to be in Idaho/Montana/Washington area- and now there's a new residency in Billings (where his brother Sean practices, awesome!) so Montana could actually be a possibility! Dallas, Austin, Scottsdale, Denver, Salt Lake.... There are so many options. We've got another 6 weeks or so before applications start going in... It's going to be a crazy 4 or 5 months of interviews and applications.

We are also hoping to be up in Spokane for the end of August through the 3rd week of September or so. Damon's parents are returning from a mission to the Phillipines and a nephew is returning from Brazil (another one did the same this month), plus our oldest niece who returned from her mission in the spring is getting married in August so we are hoping to be home for that too!

So much going on! Moving and surgeries and heat of over 100 degrees every day and everything else has made for quite an interesting summer!

Sorry for no photos and a boring long update- the next one will be better, promise!


Kelsi said...

So sorry about Damon. Hope he feels better soon. Charli asked for Ellis at least once a week. We miss you guys!

Jennifer Karyn said...

know whats funny? My sister in law, Emily, was convinced i had gas too when I got appendicitis. She bought me Gaviscon to take (worst stuff every) and then it preveneted me from leaving the hospital sooner because I didn't pass gas because she gave me so much of that stuff!

Also, I'm all for residency in Idaho or SLC. so I'll pray for those ;)

Sorry you're not in your house yet!!

Talk to you soon. (yes, I still read blogs)

Kami Huntsman said...


Barrett Family said...

Can't wait for pictures! So sorry about Damon. I hope you're in your house soon! Keep the updates coming for your loyal readers!

i see you too...