Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Huddy Buddy

This little guy is just so sweet and happy (not so sweet in the night, but we have gotten used to it)!
I took these pictures a few days ago, I can't believe he's over 5 months old already, soon enough he's gonna be crawling after his brother and getting into everything. He is so smily and we love his big eyes and big cute ears!

Sorry these are kind of weird, I used a 50 mm lens all the way down to 1.8 and so a lot of them are only focused on one eye! Hate when I make that mistake!

 Mom, this isn't fun anymore!!!

Comfort me, hands!!


Kami Huntsman said...

Love the droop one!

Kelsi said...

His hair is looking so red in these photos. He is too cute! Lets have a play date soon. Next week?

Kristi Davis said...

You should definitely take more photos of the little ones

Barrett Family said...

OK... this boy is GORGEOUS!!! BEAUTIFUL! Forget med school- get your boys into modeling and you'll be set.

Carolina Pett said...

He is so cute! Love his red hair!!!
p.s. I would never notice the eye thing if you hadn't mention!
Great pics!

i see you too...