Monday, February 27, 2012

Ellis turnes the big 1-2 (months)!!!

Well, it happened.  Ellis decided to just turn 1 on Friday, no consultation with his boss. He seems so much more mature now!

We had a pretty fun day, which consisted of a 7:30 a.m. wake up (hey, thanks for the gift, dude!), a nice bottle of milk, a Happy Birthday phone call from his grandpa, opening of the gifts, eating of the eggs, then a nap, going to Party City to get some awesome helium-filled balloons... Going home and eating favorite meals (noodles),  taking another nap, then playing with dad when he got home from school.  From there we had a nice round of pizza for dinner and then our friends the Barrets came over and gave Ellis a cute little book that he loves flipping through, and we shared birthday cake!  Ellis ended his evening playing with all his fun gifts and going promptly to bed at 7:45, whilst the rest of us watched Breaking Dawn.

It was a pretty intense birthday.

On Saturday we took him to lunch at a Mongolian BBQ place - really, he wanted to go there! Where he feasted of course, on more noodles.  Then we made the trek to Petco so he could check out the weird little flying and swimming and crawling creatures they had- The Iowa-In-Winter Zoo!

Here are some pics from the day!

Breakfast and helping Dad use his awesome electric toothbrush!

Opening presents- a new toothbrush, legos, and a Thomas the Train set

 He's obsessed with this thing- best money we ever spent on a toy!

We went and got some balloons at Party City

He got a package in the mail from his Oma and Opa- 2 Disney movies and a new book!

Got to 'talk' to them on gchat

Blowing out candles with the Barrets

His other favorite 'toy'... This old little rocking chair, he loves to climb up on it all day long.

Mongolian BBQ on Saturday

At one, Ellis loves lots of things!
He loves the mobile above his crib,
watching videos of himself on our phones,
 fruit snacks, noodles, drinking out of his cups with straws,
playing in water, especially the bath,
 being thrown around by Dad, when Dad comes home, going to see Dad at school,
 handing me makeup while I get ready,
giving hugs,
 seeing animals outside,
 crawling crawling everywhere- especially new places,
 outlets and plugs,
splashing in the toilet when we forget to close a bathroom door,
pulling all the tupperware out of the drawer,
opening cabinets,
playing with computers,
listening to dad's earphones while he studies,
shaking his head 'no', nodding his head 'yes',
eating stickers,
etc etc etc.

He's a busy kid! He is the sweetest little boy and loves to smile and laugh, and he has made the last year the funnest I've ever had! (and the most patience-trying, but right)
I can't wait to see him keep growing and see what kind of person he becomes, he's such a blessing to us and we love him so much!


Jennifer Karyn said...

cute pictures!!! I love his hair and I can't believe he is 1 already. Also I wish we had a good Mongolian BBQ place here. Any you know of??

Sarah Demars said...

Wish we could have crashed your party! Hayes and Ellis would have had a crazy fun time with frosting, q-tips, and toilet splashing!

Barrett Family said...

LOVE this birthday boy! What a sweetheart! I love the gchat picture. That face is adorable. He IS the sweetest little boy and has the world's best parents.

Kelsi said...

Happy Birthday to Ellis!! He is so dang cute.

Leslie Campos said...

Aww! He is such a cutie!! :)

i see you too...