Friday, January 20, 2012

SHOOT people say.

perhaps you've seen the sudden tidal wave of videos hitting the internet- the sh*t people say ones? yeah, there's a swear word in there (actually, they all don't actually spell ouuuuttt, the word... anyways)... some of them are hilarious. here are a few of my faves...

Sh*t Mom Bloggers Say:

The one that started them all, Sh*t Girls Say:

My favorite, Sh*t Austinites Say:

Sh*z Mormons say (yup, the New Spice guy)

SH** People Say to Breastfeeding Mothers. I've heard many of these. It amazes me that people are so weird about this, but these are so dead on, had to share this one even though it's not the greatest quality. Also, it has a weird word in it. You'll hear it, I apologize, kinda.

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Kelsi said...

Ha ha these are awesome. I think my favorite is when the guy dressed up like a girl is eating chips on the bed. Hilarious.

i see you too...