Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We made it!

Well, Ellis and I survived Damon's first day back at school!  (Damon did fine too)... I was sad that Damon was leaving, especially since Ellis had grown so accustomed to having him around- waking up and starting at him/grabbing his face, being bounced around by him all day, his funny faces....  I was scared Ellis would feel a big "waaah wuuuuuhhhh" inside when he woke up and it was just me on one side and a pillow on his other. (When Ellis wakes up to nurse, usually between 6 and 7, I usually just bring him into our bed since our room is darker, and he sleeps another 4 hours or so in bed with us)

10 a.m... snug as a bug in a bed.

Well, I'm glad to say I must not have dissapointed him too much.  I made sure to be next to him when he woke up and he was all smiles as usual. We stayed busy going to playgroup, and the dollar store, before we retreated back to our cool dark apartment to escape the 110+ degree heat index outside. He napped well. We rolled around on the floor. He played with all his jungle friends on his jumperoo...

And when the blessed moment came that Damon walked through the door, he was happy as a little clam.

So was I.

(sorry i haven't been updating much... we don't have internet at this apartment, but i finally got an app to use my phone as a tether, so woohoo, it's slow but it works... so i definitely will try to be better at blogging more! also, blogger is having a rough time with pictures, sorry this one only had 1)

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Barrett Family said...

LOVE the pictures!!! What a DARLING smile! My sis is leaving tomorrow, and with Damon back in school, I'm pretty sure the equation is Michelle+Tara=lots o' fun time together. I need you :-)!

i see you too...