Thursday, June 9, 2011

We're home!!!

Yay! We made it back to WDM about an hour ago...

What did I miss the most?
Memory foam.
Ellis' swing.
my Pintrest "Pin it" button (guess I should set up the phone app...)

We had a great time in Texas visiting family, friends, and some good restaurants!

Also, I got a new phone!!! Texas gave me a white Evo for my birthday, woohoo! Not only does this mean I have a phone that doesn't break down every other week leaving me stranded, but I also have a camera with me everywhere- 8 mp baby!!  So there should be many more pics to come here on this ol' bloggy log... Here are just a couple from the trip (well, the end of it, since I got my phone 4 days before we left...), I'll try to put some more up, but the phone is telling me the files are too large....  But I do have a cute video of Ellis' new favorite game, so I need to try to upload it somehow...

Visiting his great-great Oma

 Just hanging out in Fredricksburg, goin' through the shops on Main

Damon and my mom's chicks.

 Me and Dude at the airport- he's a champion traveler, makes all these friends. He spent more than half of the last (of our 4) flight today being held by some old guy who practically wanted to steal him.

(uh, i don't know how to flip these around??? sorry, next time i'll try to load them right)

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