Monday, May 17, 2010

a little late

this has already flown around the internet and blogs galore, but if you happen to be outside of utah, or outside of Mormonism, this is for you!

i love this woman. and i've never met her (though one time at Cafe Fresh here in orem i was  waiting for my food order, texting at a table, when to my joyful surprise, in she walked with 2 of her sisters for lunch and they sat at the table RIGHT BEHIND ME within about 2 feet. i was so excited but didn't say hi (stupid!) but listened to their conversation instead).  her blog is an inspiration to anybody who is a wife, mother, woman... seriously, go to her blog ("i read nienie" button up there on the left) and backread- yes. start from 5 years ago. i promise it will be fulfilling- yes, a blog can be fulfilling.

you will love her too.

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Brad and Sharee Moss said...

Wow!! I have never heard of this woman before...thank you! She is beautiful, so poetic, and honest. It gives me the boost and pressure to be an even better mother!

i see you too...