Monday, March 8, 2010

the weekend we ate well.

Pioneer Woman has changed my (our) life. I want to BE her. Except me. With my own husband, and a target nearby, for that matter. 

But we live on a ranch with her through her food.

Saturday we made "Spring Shells" 
asparagus, broccoli, squash, shells, and ricotta cheese, topped with parmesan. 


ok, i had to go pop some in the microwave. a whole tupperware of it is missing, Damon must have taken it with him out of town. Did I mention he's out of town? well, he's on an overnight draw, so I won't see him till I get off work tomorrow at 11. normally when he's gone I eat spaghettios.  with meatballs thank you very much. but today I'm going vegetarian. at least for this 4 pm snack. dinner could be a whole 'nother bet.  chinese take out? haven't had that in a while... the mexican food place D doesn't like? hmm...

but for now, let me just say, if you don't know PW and her amazing... ness, go, now- run don't walk, go now to her site and look.  just look and TRY not to want. i dare you.

in other news. 
last week i had a sinus infection. and because i called off 2 days in a row (heaven forbid!!!) i had to have a dr. note. so i got to go pay for a dr to tell me what i already know. (unless it's been 7-10 days or you have an extremely high fever, no antibiotics for you! sudafed must suffice) awesome. while there i figured might as well catch up on the old immunizations now instead of making a whole new appointment when i need them.  so i got tetanus, pertussis,  h1n1 and seasonal flue shots. and i'll probably be going back in the next couple days for yellow fever (to be safe for our travel to brazil this summer- you never know) and i also had my cholesterol checked. 

i hate paying for doctor stuff.  that's why i'm married to Damon, so that in 7 or whatever years when he's practicing whatever he's practicing, i can be like... i have the flu, bring me home a shot! or, my arm broke, fix it and cast it with plaster of paris!  stuff like that. 

well, there's other reasons too. 


Lanie Ree said...

Mmm, I've loved everything PW I've ever tried, and that sounds amazing! Where do you work?

C. Nielsen said...

So do tell...
What/Who is this Pioneer Woman?

Recipes and awesome stuff such as that?
I will need to look into it, because it always seems that Damon and You are posting/eating some tasty stuff.

Thanks for the kind words and pic feedback. You been shooting much lately?

Life has taken off, working, school, girl, 4 full-time gigs for bands/clubs each month, etc.

Keep in touch, it's really good to see you guys are doing so well and happy. Stoked for you guys!

i see you too...