Sunday, February 28, 2010

a year ago today

or yesterday, however you want to look at it... (saturday the 28th)

we had our first date...

(he asked me out a year ago last sunday- as i was driving back from a roadtrip to california with kurt and matt... this year last weekend we went on a roadtrip to california too- to disney and san diego)

we doubled with jenn and jeff.

we made pizzas ( i seem to remember them not being very good. rudy's bbq sauce doesn't make good hawaiian pizza)  

 This was a big mistake

and did some light painting.

and went to the hot springs.

and said goodnight.

what did we do for our 1-year date-iversary???

we went to macaroni grill
and went to the planetarium
and went home to bed.

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