Monday, July 7, 2008

a little bit o' luv

summer is going great, work is great (though scary and frustrating at times) and life is just great. i had to work on the 4th of july from 3-11... so i didn't even see any fireworks, but that's ok. i got to be home for the parade that goes on our street (cause we live on the main street in provo) and i helped austin cook and prepare for his big bbq, which smelled yummy. and at work we let the girls all watch a movie- even the ones on probations... so that we could just chill all day. so it wasn't too horrid. here are a couple of pics from the 4th and such... cooking with austin, the parade campers on our lawn (it was soooo loud alllll night long!) the trees along the alpine loop and a corvette club that was there too, and the hot air balloon fest that went on the morning of the 4rd that i got up at 5:30 a.m. to take picture of...
(austin with a shirt on? wow!)

and in other fun-ness, i get to go home and to georgia in 9 days!!! i can't wait to see jake and kristi, who i haven't seen since march and february. holy crap. and i love going to georgia (though the drive with a 2 year old won't be fun) because it's the most beautiful relaxing chill place ever and i get to sit on the porch and wear my sundresses and drink lemonade and read. my goal for this years trip is to finish 1776 and The Sound and the Fury and to read another something special. wooohooo!

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